QKG02 - Kids Omega 3 & DHA Gummies

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Qivaro Children’s Vegetarian Omega 3 & DHA Gummy Formula is specially designed for children over 2 years old: the main ingredients are chia seeds and seaweed, which are rich in omega 3, EPA and DHA, which are important nutrients for the brain and heart. Each serving contains 275 mg of unsaturated fatty acids (including Omega-3 130mg, Omega-6, 65mg, Omega-9 30mg and 50mg of algae oil DHA from seaweed. Omega 3 helps improve immunity and has anti-inflammatory effects. It also helps cardiovascular and skeletal development health. DHA helps maintain normal nervous system transmission, helps memory, improves learning ability, and also helps healthy eyesight. Vitamin C helps strengthen physical fitness and promote heart and cardiovascular health.