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Benefits to taking Kidney Support Pro Health:

✓ Cleanse and detox the kidneys
✓ Prevent bacterial build-up in the urinary tract
✓ Improved bladder control

Cranberry extract is a super fruit that is vital to maintaining kidney health. Cranberries keep the urinary tract clean by preventing bacteria from attaching to the bladder lining.

Birch Leaf has been used throughout Europe for its diuretic properties. This natural herb soothes the urinary tract tissues, and is effective at maintaining kidney, bladder, and urinary tract health.

Kidney Support Pro Health contains a substantial amount of cranberry extract and Birch Leaf powder, as well as other important herbs such as Goldenrod powder and Juniper Berry powder to keep the kidneys healthy and functioning normally.

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Rydex Enterprises offers Qivaro Brand supplements that are specially formulated to meet various consumer health needs. These products are manufactured in USA under FDA inspected / registered facilities with cGMP certification.