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Immune Health


Potential Benefits Of Organic Turmeric:

✓ Support Healthy Inflammation Response
✓ May Improve Cognitive Function
✓ May Support Heart, Liver, Brain, & Joint Health

Organic Turmeric Pro Health is a dietary supplement in capsule form designed to support reduced inflammation and pain in addition to helping slow down the aging process. The key ingredient found in Organic Turmeric Pro Health is organic turmeric powder sourced from curcuma longa roots, combined with organic black pepper for optimum effectiveness.

Turmeric is a botanical that is native to India, a perennial herb related to the ginger family, and features the active ingredient curcumin. It is this active ingredient that offers potent anti-inflammatory abilities, providing relief from the pain associated with such conditions as gout, arthritis, and muscle strain caused by overexertion or prolonged exercise. Turmeric is also healing to the gastrointestinal tract, soothing the stomach and providing relief from the symptoms of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and cramps.
Many women who suffer from menstrual discomfort, including bloating, excessive bleeding and cramping, can benefit from taking the recommended dosage of one capsule of Organic Turmeric Pro Health daily. Scientific studies have demonstrated that turmeric also helps improve liver function to aid in detoxifying the body, and boosts the functioning of the cardiovascular system to reduce the likelihood of heart problems.