HIIT WORK-OUT TRAINING that give you results and the physique you want.

HIIT WORK-OUT TRAINING that give you results and the physique you want. | Qivaro USA



HIIT Training Workout Routines

Being dedicated and intense, are things which have been taught us by fitness gurus and bodybuilding champion since the inception of physical or bodybuilding training era. But these words are short in themselves and very broad and complex in practical life. Nobody wants to race in so speed that may cause prone to risks or any hurdles and become a reason to stop in their way.
Actually, it is only secret of life to get ahead and to carve best out of yourself.

Why Intensity is Most Successful

Because for sure If you will walk together you will find a common destination but if you want to be someone in top and superior, then welcome in a world of being intense.
I know intense is scary for many people, and people see as big hindrances or useless term in their in life because It is always difficult to come out of comfort zone and challenge yourself to test your limits and set new limits for yourself.
And it is an only big secret that can make anything goal of your life successful is being intense with right approach and right direction.
And for sure, in this fast-moving world, there is no dedicated time to make available for quality fitness in lifestyle and not everyone is multi-talented and hell hard worker like bodybuilding or fitness champion. But everyone does have time that he or she can make available in 24 hours a day and I want you to spare only little as 30 minutes of time daily, that why I want to introduce you one of the smart and effective training approach, which is called high-intensity interval training(HIIT).

Whether you belong to any segment, whether it is young or old, whether it is homemaker or professional, or earning living in any kind of space in life will be getting benefit in different ways. 
I don't mean controlled here to stick around moderate or comfort level of training on the same level of intensity but it is presumed that you have been through basics of training already very well with right and controlled movements.
Even you have not been through basics and fundamentals of training which is most important to help you jump into high-intensity training with shorter duration. And It can be implemented in different phases whether to make it part of training routine, or primary training routine with shorts bursts of 30 minutes!! You will be just all ready to set your own limits.

Understanding HIIT

Hiit is form of cardiovascular training, involving alternating with short periods of intense physical workout or exercise to promote strength, speed, power and health benefits. It uses muscle energy systems with high-intensity exercises leading towards greater performance in short duration and high-intensity activities, which lasts merely from seconds to up to 2 minutes only.
It is based on anaerobic exercises like sprinting, cycling, rowing, high volume training or any high-intensity cardio based training, performed in excess of 90 percent of maximum heart rate. And its result in ultimate breakdown of glucose in form of lactic acid and using high energy systems such as high energy phosphates through muscle cells for physical workouts which last up to thirty seconds.!!

Must Routine to Develop

Before get engaged into HIIT type of training, you should know very well about developing some good habit for pre and post workout meal along with controlled movements. I will walk you through bit by bit break up of must steps need to follow before HIIT.

1. Pre-workout meal

Yes, you have heard right that like all physical exercises, hiit also require fuel in form of must nutrition before a workout or pre-workout. It should be balance of carbohydrates and protein giving you energy for your workout and replenishing your muscles with essential nutrients.
Because HIIT involves one of the fastest breakdowns of glucose molecules and using ATP energy systems in fastest rate from muscle cells, so the pre-workout meal is critical to success for implementation of HIIT workout routine. 

2. Developing motivation next level

In current generation, people love to be safe and don't want to jump out of comfort zone, that significantly limits their potential to indulge themselves into new things. 
I want to ask you a question-
Why should you risk your joints and flexors in order to do HIIT workouts?

Because in order to transform new of yourself, you should be capable of challenging yourself and that require motivation at next level, where you won't worry about consequences but plan about how to improve your current fitness level. Don't think much, but JUST DO IT!!

3. Good cardiovascular fitness

For sure, I don't want any obese individual or any newbie to jump into such high-intensity training where you have to perform bursts of workout which can reach 90 percent of heart rate or VO2 max. Because it is an adaptation process where your cardio health needs to be at the good level of blood vessel function which should have been improved bit by bit with a continuous experience of cardio or resistance training. 
So, I would like to recommend, you should have at least a good experience or know how, how to perform basic workouts with controlled movements.

4. Listen to your body

It is very important to know your body, whether you are an obese individual, whether you are newbie or old aged or fit individual who performs different activities such as continuous cycling, quick sprinting or running primarily or alternated with moderate exercise. It is really important to know your current level of fitness so that you will have an idea that how much calories you need to intake and burn, which exercise workout best for you, how much intensity and duration of workout you can continue to keep up. And how much recovery period you need to be followed by brief intensity exercise until exhausted. 
So, it would really differ among different individual on the basis of their fitness goals, and fitness level.

5. Ready to break your own limit

If you want to perform workouts on daily basis on moderate level, then you are defeating the main purpose of HIIT training. Actually, the most exciting part of HIIT is that you will be able to challenge yourself with different short bursts of workouts with high intensity and less or no rest periods. 
The session generally consists of warm-up session, then several repetitions of high-intensity exercise alternated with moderate based exercise and rest period. 
You will be able to improve your cardiovascular health or health rate, metabolism, VO2 max level, and overall functioning of body movements along with numerous major fitness improvement. And last or not least you will be able to track or measure your fitness with quantifying self-improvement, self-motivation by comparing with people of same gender and age and for sure tracking your everyday progress.
And yes, you will be setting new fitness level each and every day with the fastest pace.

Different HIIT workouts

Now, its time to kick out some action and I will walk you through different HIIT training workout, that you can implement in your daily workout routine whether isolating it under 30 minutes ( best for busy individuals), or whether you want to combine or alternate with the existing or new training program.

1. Jumping and squats

We all know that jumping sounds so common and simple but do you know it engages heart rate at one of the fastest rates. And even moderate jumping can burn up to 14-20 calories per minute. And combining with one of the staple resistance training called squats can increase your vo2 level by almost max will result in improving your cardio, strength and endurance fitness.
Just start your session with light jumping for 3-4 minutes followed by more intense jumping alternating with free body squats. Count as 1 rep when you complete one jump followed by free squat and continue same for 10 reps for 3-5 sets with a rest period of up to 30 seconds between each set. And you will feel your heart rate flying!!

2. Jumping and pushups

Pushups are one of the basic and best exercises ever which starts from a prone position and test your endurance and strength both. And alternating with jumping it will be your one of the best cardio scorcher with an intensity which not only improves your pectoral muscles but also improves your cardio fitness level.
Just start your session with moderate jumping for 3-4 minutes followed by intensive jumping and pushups. Count as 1 rep when you complete jumping and coming back for pushup and complete it and continue for 10 reps for 3-5 sets with a rest period of up to 30 seconds between each set (as per your body demands).

3. Sprinting and lunges

Generally lunges involves one leg needs to positioned with bent knee and foot on the floor. So you have to mix up with some movements like sprinting for 100 meters followed by 10 lunges which count as one set for 3-5 minutes with a rest period of up to 30 seconds between each set.
It will build your cardio fitness ultimately along with hip and leg muscles mobility improvement and you can do it anywhere at outdoor places.

4. Sprinting and mountain climbers

This would be an ultimate workout to target your core muscles, hip and leg muscles along with cardio fitness level. You will feel good burn around your core, as its targets direct your lower belly fat and ultimately multiplies the process of fat loss from targeted areas.
Start your session with mountain climbers of alternate movements for 30 seconds and followed by 100 meters sprint, which counts as 1 set and completes it for 3-5 sets with rest periods of up to 30 seconds only between each set.

5. Sit-ups and jumping

It will be very challenging for you to perform both movements with and opposed to gravity at same time. And It will require good core strength with strong hip and butt mobility and leg muscles exerting force strongly. 
Start your session with a light jump for 3-4 minutes followed by sit-ups on the floor by using only hip and butt mobility. Complete 1 rep by performing single sit up and then jumping at the same time with controlled leg movements by isolating core and butt muscles, to complete 10-15 reps to make 1 set and up to 3-5 sets with no rest period. It will not only improve your heart rate at max level but also your core endurance and strength at faster pace.

I hope you find my customized hiit training routine interesting and useful to add in your daily routine training lifestyle. Whether you are obese individual want to burn fat at fast rate or newbie wants to develop fitness routine or fit individual who wants to improve current fitness level, anyone will benefit from these workouts. 
Whether you have dedicated time for resistance training, who want to add these high-intensity workouts in your daily routine or busy working professional who can spare as little as 30 minutes only for training, can add these HIIT workouts easily and effectively either 2-3 times per week or along primary training program.

And for sure you can try new things you feel best for you, and will get benefits in form of to improve your current fitness level by setting new records each time by losing fat, building a lean body, improving strength and endurance and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness and brain functioning at fastest rate!!!




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